Lindsey Kircher USA

Lindsey Kircher (b.1997, French) currently lives and works in Northern Virginia. Kircher's work portrays resilient female protagonists empowered by the landscape that they inhabit. Acting as mythological self-portraits, the women in her work engage in an introspective journey of truth-seeking and becoming. Through the use of intense lighting, she refers to ancient ritual and mysticism, creating the impression that these female figures are engaged in a spiritual or numinous transformation. While this radiant luminosity suggests that these women are deeply intertwined with the primordial origins of nature, it also suggests that they are not of this world. Their neolithic limbs and sturdy bodies emphasize their strength and capability as dismantlers of preconceived truths. Typically positioned low to the ground, these women are engulfed and protected by the luscious landscapes around them. At the same time, they seem to be propelled forward towards the cusp of action or discovery. Captured in a state of rapture or beholding, the women in her work push the limits of their awareness, awakening unto all that they are and liberating the next stage of who they can become. 


Kircher has exhibited her work in shows including "Punch," a three-person exhibition at 5-50 Gallery in New York City, and the Summer Juried Exhibition by I Like Your Work Podcast. Her work has been reviewed in White Hot Magazine, and featured in publications by Art Maze Magazine and Auc.Art. While at Penn State she was recognized with the Creative Achievement Award for the College of Arts and Architecture, and the Kara D. Berggren Award recognizing the most "outstanding piece of artwork" in the undergraduate juried show. She was nominated and selected to attend the Yale Norfolk School of Art in 2018, and has been a resident at Open Wabi and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.