Lise Stoufflet France

Lise Stoufflet (b.1989, French) graduated from the Fine Arts School of Paris in 2014 and continues today her practice in the suburb of Paris in Aubervilliers where she created and develops with fifteen artists Le Houloc, a studio and artist-run-space. Lise Stoufflet develops a work of painting and drawing, but also explores the object as a possible overflow of the fictional images she builds. 

Her works are innocently disconcerting and beautifully surreal. Narrative is richly present in her paintings. The story is not always clear and, often times, unsettling. Part of this tension arises from Stoufflet’s beautifully contained manipulation of colour, which marries a contrast of pastel, soft colours with rich, dark hues and creates atmospheres of mystery and intrigue. Each piece is a snapshot of a larger whole, a hint of a story without really revealing anything about what is going on. These moments are richly evocative of something, and Stoufflet is almost toying with the viewer, dangling the thread of answers before their eyes, yet showing almost nothing at all. Her works invite viewers into a conversation with her paintings, her colours, her forms.